August, 2022
VR Tennis Anyone? Article in Sport Digest
August 23 - September 11, 2022
US Open: Demo of Tennis Esports at the Wilson booth.
August 6, 2022
VR Tennis tournament with Boyscouts of America.
July 27, 2022
Partnership with SAU Augustines University.
July 23, 2022
VR Expo at Illinois Institute of Technology of Chicago.
July 20, 2022
Launch of Tennis Esports commercial version at Oculus AppLab.
July 9-10, 2022
Tennis Esports tournament in London at Decathlon.
May 25-28, 2022
VR wheelchair tournament in Annecy, France.
May 20, 2022
Lange Nacht der Forschung in Wien.
May, 2022
3D printed VR tennis handle is ready for delivery.
May, 2022
Alexandra Nancarrow, tennis pro WTA #300, joins Tennis Esports as CSO.
April 26, 2022
ESTA Tennis Esports live broadcast.
April 19, 2022
AR/VR Talks at HQ Software.
March 21, 2022
Kurier publication on "Future Zone".
March 03, 2022
Tennis Esports. We are on the ThinkTechHawaii show!
February, 2022
Tennis Esports League has started!
Everyone with an Oculus Quest 2 can participate. Follow the link to join!
November 26, 2021
Open vacancies: 3D Artist, Unity Developer
November 18-20
We will be exhibiting on the FitnessConnected in Munich.
November 10-12th
We are exhibiting at the WTA 250 Ladies Linz with Simona Halep and Emma Raducanu, the reigning US Open champion.
November 10th
We panel on the Asian Game X tech entertainment conference.
November 9th
We are talking at the FitTech Summit V'Tech or Die. Here the link to register.
November 3rd
We are pitching at the Colosseum. Here the Zoom link, if you like to watch.
October 30th
On Saturday we are presenting at the TBD Tennis Innovation Conference. Here the free link of our presentation.
October 29th
On Friday we are promising you a great surprise. Stay tuned!
September 18th
Tennis Esports in St.Gallen, Switzerland
September 11 and 12th
Tennis Esports in Munich, Germany
September 5th
Gütersloh, the tennisclub of the future
July 14, 2021
TBD talk – Meet the innovator
July 08, 2021
Winner of the Laval Virtual Awards 2021 in the category sports
June 28 – Sept 30, 2021
Declathon London Quays Surrey presents Tennis Esports
June 2021
Partnership with Decathlon with exhibition in London Quays Surrey
June 2021
Tennis Esports at the Tennis Club Annecy
June 19-20, 2021
Vienna Open Tennis Esports tournament!
June 04, 2021
Presentation of Tennis Esports on the VR/AR Global Summit 2021
May 2021
Beta Phase 2 stared!
April 2021
Historic moment for Tennis Esports on April 19th!
April 2021
Beta Tests roll-out exceeds expectations by far
April 2021
Super League enters Latin America
April 2021
April 2021
Beta-version tests are rolling out in April
March 2021
Our kids are playing Tennis Esports
March 2021
First VR Tennis Court is under construction
March 2021
Alfa-version tests successfully completed
March 2021
March 2021
Tennis Esports updates HW/SW requirements and FAQ lists
March 2021
Motion similarity modelling tools are developed
February 2021
Tennis Esports signs Exclusive TV Broadcast Distribution Agreement with ESTV (worldwide 24/7 TV channel)
January 2021
Australian Open Tennis training now from the hotel room?
December 2020
ÖBSV interview
December 2020
Project pitch at SportsTech
December 2020
Article in
December 2020
Article in
November 2020
November 2020
Snauwaert the exclusive VR Tennis Esports racquet
November 2020
Article in WTV (Vienna Tennis Federation)
November 2020
Kickstarter campaign successfully funded on 1st day
November 2020
Kickstarter campaign starts in 3 weeks
October 2020
Tennis Esports sets flag in Japan
October 2020
Thomas Muster is at ATP Vienna
October 2020
Tennis eSports project is mentioned in SPORTS TOMORROW
October 2020
Next round of financing is concluded
October 2020
Similarity Modelling Technology is our Sportstech breakthrough
October 2020
Tennis eSports sets flag in Austria
October 2020
Tennis eSports sets flag in Australia
October 2020
Tennis eSports entering India
October 2020
Daniel Rosenbaum joins our Partners' team
October 2020
October 2020
Thomas Fabbiano joins beta tests
October 2020
Tennis eSports sets flag in the US
October 2020
Partnership with Between The White Lines Summit
October 2020
PWC Sports Survey 2020: Simulated eSports the fastest growing category in the sports industry
September 2020
Tennis eSports entering 16 Latin American countries
September 2020
A1 published article about Tennis eSports project
September 2020
A1 honours VR Motion Learning
September 2020
Video is released from A1 Innovation Award event
September 2020
Partnership with Top Level Tennis
September 2020
local news publishing an article about us
September 2020
September 2020
Partnership with A1 announced
September 2020
Registration of partners for system beta testing starts
August 2020
August 2020
IOC President Thomas Bach foresees VR Tennis becoming Olympic
August 2020
Tennis eSports community becomes fastest growing tennis community
July 2020
First Tennis Pros playing and endorsing Tennis eSports system
June 2020
First public presentation of the system at A1 eSports Hub (A1 Telekom)
May 2020
Tennis eSports Inc. is founded in NY, USA
May 2020
First virtual home tennis training tested
April 2020
Implementation of authentic ball physics
March 2020
Second round of financing is successful (the press-release)
January 2020
December 2019
November 2019
We start building our tennis Motion Learning Library
November 2019
We publish company report about tennis tech market
October 2019
Partnership with Fennec Labs
October 2019
New office at the Wirtschaftsagentur Vienna
September 2019
Press release foundation
August 2019
VR Motion Learning GmbH &Co KG is founded
July 2019
FFG grant approval and first financing round
June 2019
Partnership with House of Tennis
March 2019
Unique VR Motion Learning technology outlined
February 2019
Cooperation with SIMI
December 2018
Cooperation with HEAD
November 2018
1st Prize at Pioneers Startup Live Competition
June 2018
Partnership with IN4COM Group
May 2018
Cooperation with Sports University of Vienna
April 2018
Cooperation with Smashing Suns Tennis Club
March 2018
Cooperation with Tennisakademie Wien
February 2018
December 2017
The idea is born - Gregory Gettinger