Our Vision of the Tennis System

We want to create a hype, a new enthusiasm for tennis and motivate your clients to return to the court more often. We want to bring kids from electronic games onto real court. We want to help you to improve the tennis technique of your students, so that they have more fun on court. We want to add a new dimension to tennis.

Our approach is to utilize new technologies such as virtual reality, motion learning and real time tracking in order to create a new category of digital training & E-sports. We focus on motion learning, the real key of being able to play tennis well. In future, you will be able to learn, practice and play in virtual reality, as realistic and authentic as on the tennis court. There will be virtual tournaments and E-sport events & conventions bringing a whole new audience of folks and kids playing tennis.


So how does our Virtual Reality Tennis Trainer work?

The player’s biomechanical data are scanned and processed while the system calculates the optimal pattern of movements. Then, the user puts on the VR goggles, takes the racket and starts playing tennis – on a virtual court, with virtual balls, instructed by a virtual coach and against virtual opponents.

All body movements are accurately recorded and analyzed. Any deviations of the relevant parameters, like body position, legwork, arm position, stroke etc., are visualized on a “virtual dashboard” and via a real-time and replay “shadow”. At first, the player starts the training in slow motion, secondly progresses step by step in fast modus improving the strokes and body movements in order to learn perfect ones.

Training in the Virtual Reality environment optimizes the body position, the motion, the way the player hits the ball, the game tactics and much more. The software gives instant feedback on how to improve on every important variable and hence it quickly leads to a perfect technique. For example, the user can master to place a ball on an exact spot with a defined speed and spin. The user can practice this again and again until she or he knows how to do it.

This training is embedded in an entertaining and competitive game; any progress rewards points and the player may move up from level to level. In future, the system will provide the opportunity to engage in virtual tennis matches with family and friends. Moreover, players can even play with their tennis idols.

In addition, tactical play can be practiced, as a player can use the pattern of the future opponent and find their weaknesses while playing a virtual game against them. With a perfect technique according to the individual biomechanical data, it is possible to prevent some injuries, for example the dreaded tennis elbow. Statistically every third player might experience this due to wrong postures for a swing.


What will be the features of the VR Tennis Trainer?

Technical Training:
Optimize your body motion and tennis stroke
Compare yourself with the ideal stroke or with any tennis pro
Performance data:
Get qualitative & quantitative feedback upon your training progress
Individual match prep:
Train how to play against certain players by training with her/him
Tactical Training:
Train certain tactical moves & combinations
Mental training:
Cope with distractions from the environment or with stress elements
Physical training:
Track your physical progress
Virtual gaming:
Play virtually against players in the database
Play with real players from different locations
Esport events:
Participate on Tennis Esports events
Participate on international tournaments from home
E-Tennis League:
Play on the international E-tennis league in different levels
Watch live and online top players playing on our VR Tennis Trainer