VR Motion Learning Technologies


VR Motion Learning (VRML) company utilizes new technologies such as:

  • Virtual reality environments
  • Real-time full-body motion tracking
  • Haptics
  • Computer Vision
  • Machine Learning
  • Similarity modelling
  • Real-time data analysis
  • Biomechanical modelling

Our unique platform revolutionizes the motion training method. Based on a scientifically proven approach augmented with the Motion Learning Library and VR Motion Learning Methodology you will learn to move your body in a more efficient and focused way than ever possible in traditional training only.

We bring real-time motion learning technologies out of the lab to the consumer market with affordable prices and practical technical setup.


Which markets do we target?

We start with VR Tennis Trainer as our first application but we will tackle other markets and domains of sport training (such as golf, baseball, basketball, etc.), physiotherapy, fitness, dancing, entertainment and many other applications.


Who is behind VRML?

Founder of the company is Dr. Gregory Gettinger, a serial entrepreneur, dual US and Austrian citizen with a PhD in Marketing & Technology and extensive background in growing, managing and financing start-up projects and companies. Project team consists of professionals and experts in Computer Vision, Machine Learning, VR technologies, real-time full-body motion tracking, real-time data analysis and processing, software development as well as tennis professionals and sports biomechanics engineers.


Our Team

Gregory Gettinger, CEO

Hans Pfleiderer, CFO

Georg Gerstweiler, CTO

Boris Fedotov, CIO/CDO

Peter Lehrner,
Tennis coach

Dieter Mocker,
Tennis coach

Johnny Lane,
Tennis coach

Heinz Waerder,
Tennis biomechanics

Hannes Kaufmann,
TU Wien, VR tech advisor

Peter Kan,
TU Wien, tech consultant

Andreas Sorsky,
Software developer

Thomas Ott,
Software developer

Anna Sebernegg,
Software developer

Juergen Thallinger,
Software Developer



Our Office address

VR Motion Learning GmbH & Co KG

Mariahilferstrasse 136, A-1150, Vienna